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I am a woman, a mother, an artist and a writer. I find my inspiration in filling colours on canvas with stories and filling stories in screenplays with colours. I love to experiment with materials and forms, but acrylic paint and linen canvas remain my closest friends. My best ideas are born in collaboration with them.


My art is obsessed with the challenge of minimalism. To tell the story in a few lines, to build emotion in a couple of colors. My paintings are filled with the sounds of Mozart, the smell of sandalwood and the taste of the sea. The stories that are told in a feminine way. Soft and warm in everything - from colors to curves. Paintings that carry in their simplicity the comfort of a burning fireplace even into the most austere space.


Tenderness framed in modern style and abstract forms, spiced with a touch of youthful mischief...

Anna Werth

Наташа Лещинская чб_edited.png

Anna Werth was born in Moscow in 1980. Having left a business career at the age of thirty five, she decided to devote herself entirely to art.


Since 2015, she has worked in Moscow as a private interior designer. Anna has completed more than two dozen decorated living spaces projects, a kids club and two restaurants. In 2018, she completed academic drawing courses at Colors of Life Art School in Moscow, and also a professional training as an interior artist at Era Art Studio in St. Petersburg in 2020.


Since 2021 Anna has been living and working in Fethiye (Turkey).

To date, Anna's works, in addition to Turkey, adorn houses in Cyprus, Great Britain, France, the United Arab Emirates and Russia.

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